The College operates the University's DS-Print system which allows you to print, copy and scan documents using DS-Print enabled multi-function devices (MFDs).


You can print to DS-Print devices from the MCS computers in the 电脑套件 and from your own devices when connected to the University network.

使用 Sid_FindMe printer to print to the DS-Print service. Only DS-Print is supported as we use the local balance, Mobility Print and Cloud Print are not as they require the common balance. 看到How do I print to the college printers?.

To install and setup DS-Print on your computer, see: Can I print to the college printers from my own computer?.



We have four large MFD printers (Konica Minolta Bizhub C458) that print A3及A4 located throughout the college. All of these printers have the ability to staple documents. 这些可以在以下地方找到:

  • 图书馆
  • 电脑套件
  • Hall Court Print Room (The right MFD also has a booklet function)

其他小 A4只 MFD printers (Konica Minolta C3350i/C3350) can be found in the below locations. These are primarily for staff/fellow use:

  • X staircase (first floor landing)
  • Y Staircase (cupboard outside Development)
  • 财务主管PA的办公室
  • 大师爸的办公室
  • College Office (access only during work hours)

If you experience any issues with the printers please AG真人娱乐官方.


印刷 and copying is charged per side. Scanning to email is free. 指控 will be added to your college bill at the end of each term.

If you are printing a document with both colour and greyscale pages, if you select 'Auto 颜色' when printing, you will only be charged the colour rate for the pages that have colour. The pages with only greyscale on will be charged as greyscale and not colour.

You can view a list of costs: www.ds.凸轮 (this link only works within the University network such as Eduroam and UniOfCam wireless networks). Typically, the average cost is:

颜色 大小 成本(每侧)
灰度 AG真人娱乐官方的信 10 p /方
灰度 A6 3 p /方
灰度 A5 4 p /方
灰度 A4 5 p /方
灰度 A3 10 p /方
颜色 AG真人娱乐官方的信 30 p /方
颜色 A6 10 p /方
颜色 A5 15便士每一面
颜色 A4 20便士每一面
颜色 A3 30 p / sid


Sidney Sussex uses the "local balance" system instead of the "Common 平衡" system. 如图所示 Sidney Sussex : "平衡" 通过 我DS-Print portal (this link only works within the University network such as Eduroam and UniOfCam wireless networks).

Your balance will start at £0.00 and decrease as you copy and print throughout the term. This will then be added to your College bill and your balance will be reset back to £0.00 at the end of each term.